# Terms and Conditions
1 Kwezy Buses reserves the right to allow a ticket holder to board their buses
2 Damaged/Disfigured/Torn tickets will not be deemed valid.
3 A ticket is not transferable unless necessary arrangements and procedures have been made with kwezy Buses
4 A ticket will be deemed expired if it hasn't been used after the date and time of departure and the purchaser /person intending to travel has not communicated his/her change in travel plans after 24 hours from the time he/she was supposed to travel.
5 Kwezy Buses reserves the right to ask for proof of identity for the person intending to use a ticket
6 Hazardous items ie. weapons, flammable products and anything which is prohibited under the LAWS OF MALAWI shall not be allowed on board.
7 Livestock, domesticated or wild, shall not be allowed on board unless verified papers are held and boarding of such be confined to the cargo section of the bus.
8 A ticket shall not be cashed or refunded.
9 Kwezy Buses will not compensate for loss of business due to late departure/arrival, breakdown, change of direction or what so ever to the holder of a ticket.
10 Any change of booking should be communicated to Kwezy Buses and will be subjected to the following conditions:
- Change before 72 hours to time of travel shall attract a fee of MWK500.00.
- Change after 72 hours but before 48 hours to time of travel shall attract a fee of MWK1,000.00.
- Change after 48 hours but before 24 hours to time of travel shall attract a fee of MWK2,000.00. - Change after 24 hours to time of travel and before 24 hours elapse after time of travel shall attract a fee of MWK4,000.00.
11 Passenger(s) travelling shall be allowed 25kg check-in luggage measuring not more than 0.2 cubic meters and 10kg hand luggage
12 Any loss of hand luggage shall not attract liability on Kwezy Buses. The loss of checked-in luggage will not attract any liability and compensation will at the rate of MWK1,000.00 (One Thousand Kwacha Only) per Kg.
13 Any attempt to use a stolen ticket will result in criminal prosecution.
14 If a ticket is stolen or lost please report to Kwezy Buses offices or contact Kwezy Buses on 0111 404 708/9 or 0886 780 355/6.
14 For further terms and conditions or any other enquiries please contact Kwezy Buses.
# Instructions
1 Kwezy Buses has the right to verify and determine whether a passenger is a minor or an adult
2 A child travelling with an adult shall be discounted but those travelling alone shall be required to pay the normal bus fair
# Process
1 Pregnant Women will be prioritised
2 Women carrying new born babies will only be paying for their seat

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